This webpage is a brief review of information, topics and links to various articles regarding the sex-abuse scandal.  The timeframe for this information begins mainly in the summer of 2018.  Here is a brief summary that leads into the more detailed information:


  • On June 20th, 2018, US Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was removed from public ministry by the Vatican due to allegations of sexual abuse of both minors and seminarians.  In July 2018, Cardinal McCarrick resigned.  Interviews by The New York Times revealed that some in the church hierarchy had known for decades about accusations that he had preyed on men who wanted to become priests, sexually harassing and touching them.


  • Two months later, on August 14th, the Attorney General of Pennsylvania released a report from a two-year body of work by a Grand Jury outlining “…abuse of children by priests, and a systematic cover up spanning decades by senior church leaders in Pennsylvania and the Vatican.”  Cardinal McCarrick was named in that report.


  • Eight days later, Archbishop (AB) Carlo Maria Vigano, a long time Vatican insider and Papal Nuncio to the US, published an 11-page letter making, in part, the following claims:


  • The Vatican was informed in 2000 of allegations that Archbishop McCarrick "…shared his bed with seminarians" by two former U.S. nuncios – this would have been under Pope John Paul II – yet a year later Pope John Paul II promoted him to the position of Cardinal.


  • In 2009 or 2010 Pope Benedict imposed sanctions on Cardinal McCarrick that he not travel, to leave the seminary where he was living and not celebrate Mass in public.


  • In 2011 when AB Vigano became US Nuncio, he met with Cardinal McCarrick and reinforced with him those sanctions were still in place.


  • In 2013 AB Vigano went to a meeting in Rome to meet the new Pope Francis and was surprised to see there, Cardinal McCarrcik, who was not supposed to travel.  A few days later in a meeting with Pope Francis, he told him of the sanctions that Pope Benedict had imposed.  


  • In AB Viagno’s first letter we find this quote “He (Pope Francis) knew from at least June 23, 2013, that McCarrick was a serial predator. Although he knew that he was a corrupt man, he covered for him to the bitter end; indeed, he made McCarrick’s advice his own…It was only when he was forced by the report of the abuse of a minor…on the basis of media attention, that he took action.”


  • So AB Vigano is accusing Pope Francis of knowing that Cardinal McCarrick was an actual abuser – not just an accused abuser, knowing that Pope Benedict had imposed sanctions on him and knowingly reversing those sanctions.  


  • Several Bishops have accused Vigano of being a liar and sewing discord in the church but to date, no one has shown that any of his claims were false.  When asked about the McCarrick situation Pope Francis replied that he would not say one word.


  • In November the US Conf of Catholic Bishops or USCCB met in Baltimore to vote on two proposals –

      1) proposed standards of episcopal conduct and 2) the formation of a special commission for review of              complaints against bishops for violations of the standards.  On the morning of the first day of the               

      conference the Vatican phoned in and shut down the vote so that these topics would be discussed later in          Rome.


  • In our last Pastor’s Q&A all of these events led to concern and some outrage on the part of                      parishioners at Saint Paul the Apostle (SPA) - which led to our petition. 


  • Last month in Rome in a meeting of 100 Bishops neither of the two proposals of the USCCB came to any kind of resolution.


  • On March 31, 2019, a Q&A was held at SPA with a parishioners and a panel of priests made up of Fr. Greg, Bishop Rojas, Fr. Brad Zamora and Fr. Chris Ciaston (the soon to be new Sr. Pastor at SPA).  Notes from this Q&A can be found below.


Supporting information, links and footnotes from the above bullet points can be found below by topic.

Cardinal McCarrick Information:

1)  Theodore McCarrick removed from public ministry:

2)  Cardinal McCarrick resigns:

3)  Some in the church hierarchy had known for decades about accusations that McCarrick had preyed on men who wanted to become priests:

4) Report from the Attorney General of Pennsylvania: and

5) Letters of AB Vigano:

1st letter:
2nd letter:
Cardinal Ouellet’s response to AB Vigano:
3rd letter – AB Vigano responds to Cardinal Ouellet:
4th letter – AB Vigano calls for C. McCarrick to publicly repent:
Background on AB Vigano and the letters:

6) USCCB Meeting in Baltimore – Bishops asked to not vote and meet in Rome:

7) – Saint Paul the Apostle Petition: link here 

8) In February 2018 Catholic Bishops from around the world met to discuss the sex abuse crisis.  What was hoped for coming from that meeting were specific standards of behavior and accountability for Bishops such as the ones put in place for Priests, Religious and Laity in 2002.  These standards should apply to all ages of people, from children to seminaries, men and women.  That did not happen. The Bishops, led in large part by Cardinal Cupich, focused the discussions almost exclusively on children and did their best to avoid discussing sexual abuse/predation on seminaries, teenagers and adults.  The Bishops also did everything they could to not discuss the part homosexuality might play in the abuse crises.  All that really came from this meeting was an acknowledgement that we have a crisis, it’s bad, we should do something about it and, we’ll meet again in the US in June and talk about it some more.  See this article from the NYT:










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