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As you might expect, the Catholic Charities Gift Program will be quite different this year.  Due to Covid-19 virus risk, we will be reducing the volunteer efforts both at St. Paul the Apostle and Catholic Charities.

The process is being ‘streamlined’ ,so to speak in, such that if you wish to participate, you will contact Catholic Charities directly by filling out the ”Donor Information Response Form”.

Once completed the form can be emailed to Catholic Charities (the preferred method) (, mailed via US Postal Service or fax.   

The form is to be completed as follows:


  1. Enter your Name, Address, Phone, EMAIL information on the lines provided on the form.  This is so that Catholic Charities can contact you if they have any questions on your form and/or the gifts are not returned by the due date (Dec 9th at the latest).

  2. For the section “PEOPLE FOR WHOM YOU CAN PROVIDE GIFTS”  complete that for the person/people for which you will provide a gift or gift.

    1. If you would like 2 children only at the “# of Children” line 2. Leave the other lines blank.

    2. If you would like a family,  enter ‘1’ at the “# of Families” line and then indicate the size of the family you want.  For a family of 4, enter 4 in the space provided for the ‘Indicate size of family you want” line.

    3. The “# of Seniors” is the number of Senior Citizens for which you want to purchase gifts.

    4. The “# of Catholic Charities choice” is if you do not care if you are given a name(s) for a child or Senior Citizen.  Catholic Charities will give out names based on where their need for gifts is at the time of processing.  

    5. “OR If you prefer, Gift Cards would be greatly appreciated” line is if you would prefer to give gift cards rather than have a specific name(person or persons).  Catholic Charities will give out gift cards as needed to cover gift requests not fulfilled.

    6. You can choose to wrap the gifts or not.  It is up to you.  However, the gifts do need to have the name of the recipient on them.  Family gifts should be all bagged or boxed together.

  3. In the “DROP-OFF DATE OPTIONS” check where you will take and drop off the gifts at the designated drop-off location.  We do not have a location for the Waukegan area yet, but Catholic Charities is hoping to get the same location as last year, which was in the Tri-state business complex.  (If they get that location it is very close to St. Paul the Apostle.)  The plan is to have a ‘drive/drop-off’ area so that people would not have to get out of the car, just open the trunk and someone will remove the gifts.

  4. Return the form to Catholic Charities. Email will be the quickest/easiest and preferred method.  The email address is   You can also fax the form to: 847-782-1032 or mail the form to: Christmas Gift Program ATTN: B Campbell/J Wogan, Catholic Charities, 671 S Lewis, Waukegan, IL 60085

There will not be a need for volunteers at the warehouse.  Bags of family gifts will not be checked so it is important that you return the gifts on the date specified and for all the people for whom you were given names.

If you have any questions regarding any of the information above, how to complete the form,  please contact Nancy Payonk via email (; phone 847-856-8230