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Merciful Jesus,
We live in a troubled world with so much disturbance and conflict.

You walked the earth and endured pain and suffering just like us.

You were exposed to the brutality and you have experienced the hardships that life throws.

I trust that you are by our side pulling us through the desolation, and distress that we are experiencing.

Place your healing hand on the ill, specifically those with Coronavirus at this time,

AND also those who are not (yet) infected.

Lord, purify and restore us to wholeness and strength

so that we can serve you and your kingdom.  

Through this time of waiting, help us to not lose faith in your goodness...

quiet our minds and help us to remain still while reminding us that you are God

and you have power over all.

You are the author of hope, refreshment, & our eyes to your promises.

Lord, embrace our families, friends, those throughout the country,

and those throughout the entire world with your loving arms.  

Cover us with your everlasting spirit of love.  

Jesus, It’s in your name I pray. Amen.


the Chaplet of Divine Mercy


the Chaplet of Divine Mercy


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