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Holy Thursday

The evening Mass on Holy Thursday

is referred to as The Mass of the Lord's Supper.  This is where the Church re-lives the institution of the Eucharist and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at the Last Supper, as well as the institution of the priesthood, which took place the evening

before Jesus was crucified.

Join us for Mass at 5:00pm

Good Friday

Good Friday is the day of the crucifixion,

the day Jesus died for the sins of the world.  This day reminds us that it is a solemn day of mourning and prayer.

Good Friday service takes place at 3 pm,

the hour that Jesus breathed his last on the cross.  Veneration of the Cross usually takes place at this service, in which the priest and the faithful kneel before a cross and kiss it.

Good Friday Join Fr. Chris and Fr. Joe

in an one-hour meditation of the Cross, available in the late afternoon on Good Friday.

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Holy Saturday

Easter Basket Blessing it is a tradition to have a basket of food blessed on Holy Saturday.  It a Central-East European practice dating to the 15th century or earlier.  The food items in the Easter basket have special significance. Pray over your Easter baskets at your home while Fr. Chris and Fr. Joe bless them from your spiritual home SPA.

An Easter Vigil Mass is held after nightfall 

in celebration of the resurrection

of Jesus.  This is called the Easter Vigil:

the most glorious, beautiful, and dramatic liturgy for the Church.

The vigil is divided into four parts:

1) the Service of Light,

2) the Liturgy of the Word,

3) the Liturgy of Baptism, and

4) the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is what we've all been waiting for! The forty days of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving during Lent was in preparation for this day when our hearts and souls can drink in deeply the culmination of the Paschal mystery: the Resurrection.

Christ is Risen, Alleluia!!!

"Therefore Easter is not simply one feast among others, but the 'Feast of feasts', the 'Solemnity of solemnities',  just as the Eucharist is the 'Sacrament of sacraments'.

St. Athanasius calls Easter 'the Great Sunday' and the Eastern Churches call Holy Week 'the Great Week'. The mystery of the Resurrection, in which Christ crushed death, permeates with its powerful energy our old time until all is subjected to him."

—The Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1168 and 1169

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