MAY 2-3, 2020

Take a SIP with SPA! (Take a Shelter-In-Place with Saint Paul the Apostle!)


Dear SPA Family,
Someone who finds himself in an unknown place needs a guide. Otherwise, he will get lost. A person who lost a map, compass or phone power was drained, and has no one to ask for the way is helpless. When there is a guide, then we follow in his footsteps and we are sure that nothing bad will happen to us. Things are similar with the way of life. Only sometimes this road is much more dangerous and the consequences of getting lost are worse.

Some of us, every so often, like to arrange ourselves in a prosperous and comfortable life, listening to the advice of those who applaud us, say that everything is OK, and who do not tell us a harsh word. We listen to those who promise more, demand less, because it is more convenient and easier for us. We are looking for a guide that leads along an easier and enjoyable way. However, one should ask what will be the purpose and end of this journey?

This Good Shepherd Sunday shows a completely different guide, a guide who invites us to listen to His voice. 
We can point at many resourceful and talented shepherds around us. Many of them lead us in various areas of life which we cannot refuse. But only few of them will say they are good. The Good Shepherd defends His sheep, He cares for them, and He is even ready to give His life for them. Our Good Shepherd cares for us every day and gave His life for us.

How do we listen to His voice? Do we really know our Master and follow Him? “My sheep listen to my voice and I know them. They follow me and I give them eternal life” (Jn 10: 27-28). To listen and follow the voice of Christ is a guarantee of taking the right path of life. The Word of the Good Shepherd gives us strength to do what is good. It is a source of life for us and it is a constant food for our faith. To follow Jesus means to live according to completely different principles and rules that the world proposes to us. 

Our Good Shepherd – Good Guide encourages us to be attentive not only to His word but also to His voice. We need to be able to distinguish him from many other voices we hear everywhere. Jesus teaches us how to distinguish His voice from other voices today. Yes, they have wonderful ideas and tips, they give advice on healing every situation. But only the Lord can suggest a proper solution to our problems.  

As we hear the voice of our Good Shepherd and as we follow our Good Guide, let us be strong, be courageous and have hope. We are the SPA Family and we are in this together! 
Fr. Chris Ciastoń  


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