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from Fr. Chris

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I belive...


April 13th, 2024

Dear Spa Family,
An important decision… Every believer should consider what kind of world he wants to live in; whether in the human world and designed by humans, or in the world of God and created by God. It all boils down to the question of whether he wants to decide about his world for himself, or is he looking for someone with whom he would like to make decisions and implement programs.

Building with people… Freedom is now understood as an opportunity to build our own world. Whoever understands it like this looks for like-minded people, and there are millions of them. They want to decide about human life, about the durability or impermanence of marriages. They want to decide about sexual practices, about euthanasia, about intake of stimulating substances, about how to treat other cultures or skin color, about the rights that they establish for themselves. This is a strong standpoint in the modern world, and sadly many people follow it, and among them are also many Christians who are eager to join them.

In the name of freedom, many want to build their world, disregarding the world of others, even those who are at their home. Unbelievers build and program their world at the expense of everyone, as long as they are comfortable. It is known from experience that a world built at the expense of others is never a good world and the builder himself will not be happy in it.

And here the fundamental question arises: Can a believer agree to their system and join them, building his world in the name of freedom, disregarding anyone?
I am building with God… Faith introduces us to the world of God and the world of God's plans. There is also a plan for the implementation of our life, and a specific plan with detailed instructions for its execution.
The believer, entering God's world, makes a decision about the implementation of God's plans for him. From now on, his concept of life is based on the principles of God's law, which he wants to respect.
God's textbook… The textbook of this wisdom, needed to enter God's world and necessary to master the ability to live in this world, is the Holy Scriptures. For in it is the essential message of the revealed truth about God's world. Interpretations of the Scriptures over the centuries reveal thousands of successes in the construction of this world and thousands of failures, when the principles given by God were disregarded. We believe that God is the truth and never lies to anyone.

I choose… We must realize that in our generation we are faced with a fundamental and very important decision. It has to be a clear decision without any compromise. Either we build the world with people or we build the world with God. We need to make a choice and be consistent in it.
If we have already made such a decision, let us not try to cooperate with people who expect us to trample God’s law. Their world is a world of enslavement... and the pleasures they reach have little to do with true joy... for many, it is a tempting world. God’s world is thousands of times better, richer, without fences, without fears, without worrying about tomorrow...
Have a blessed week. Fr. Chris

Divine Mercy


April 7th, 2024

Dear SPA Family,
God exists whether anyone believes in Him or not. He is the Creator of the world, He watches over it in His providence, He guides everything that exists to its goals. One can know quite a lot about such a God by listening or reading about him. But as long as it is not my God, it is only messages that are no different from any other.
The life changing event is discovering that this is my God. Then He appears as a great mystery that opens its doors to me. I can go in and I can be in this world, a thousand times more real than the one in which I was born into and I will die from. This world is transient, and God's world is eternal and so vividly alive that there is not a trace of death in it.

We call such an encounter a conversion. It is the beginning of a new way of life. Thomas the Apostle was waiting for such a conversion. When he met the Risen One, he said shortly: “My Lord and my God.” Here, the word “my” is the most important. Many people are waiting for such an encounter.
St. Faustina encountered that ‘my God.’ She replied to Jesus succinctly: “Jesus, I trust in You.” This was her personal confession. She wanetd everyone to be able to say this to Jesus personally. In such an act, a new way of life is opened.
God's mercy is best understood precisely by those who experience ‘His intrusion’ into their lives. Whoever can say in his heart: “Jesus, I trust in You” is saved. Jesus is his (‘my’). He will repeat after Thomas: “My Lord and my God.”

Such an act of faith is always a declaration of love. For whoever I love is mine (‘my’). The personal dimension of reference to Jesus and to God the Father is extremely important in the act of faith. As long as, there is no such reference, so long the act of faith is weak and does not shape human lives.
This Sunday, Thomas the Apostle will call us for an answer to the question: “Is God yours?” Happy are those who use the word ‘my’ when speaking of God, because they know who they are talking about.
Happy Divine Mercy Sunday. Fr. Chris

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