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LIFE TEEN - Youth Ministry

Youth Minister - TOM  WATTELET


Join LIFE TEEN Youth Ministry and learn about God's love, mercy, and promises for your life! We are in a time in which the Lord is raising up saints. Youth Ministry provides an opportunity for teens to grow in relationship with Christ, grow in identity as a child of God to prepare them for mission in the world.

You’re in high school now…  This means you might be asking bigger questions about life.

How and where do I fit in school, sports/activities, my friend group, my family, and the world? What is true? Does faith have a role in my life? Who do I want to become? Why am I here?

If you are asking any of these questions then Youth Ministry is for you. We will dive into these bigger questions about life and you will be able to share your struggles, fears, and joys with other teens who have the same questions and searching for the same truth.

Youth nights will consist of a meal, both large and small gatherings, games, and growing in faith in the person of Jesus Christ, encountering the power of the Holy Spirit, and the love of the Father.

Life Teen Nights:

                                                                5:00pm Mass

                                                                6:00pm meal

                                                                6:30pm fun, faith and fellowship                                                                      8:00pm end.

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