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Take a SIP with SPA! (Take a Shelter-In-Place with Saint Paul the Apostle!)
From The Pastor's Desk
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The Pastor's Reopening Leadership Team

is planning to REOPEN our church on MAY 30th with Reconciliation at 11am.

Private Prayer will begin on June 1st - Mondays 5-7pm; Wednesdays 8-10am, Fridays 5-7pm.

The more volunteers we have, the more we will be able to extend the Private Prayer time. Please become a volunteer.

NOTE: For Reconciliation and Private Prayer, 10 or fewer worshipers can be present in the church at any time.

If there are more people present for these occasions then they will need to wait patiently for their turn in the designated areas. 


Funeral, Wedding & Baptism for 10 or fewer attendees/worshipers can be scheduled now.


The celebration of Public Daily and Sunday Mass is not yet allowed.

Green and White Minimal Church Presentat
Green and White Minimal Church Presentat

I would like to express my gratitude for the generous donations that you gave our Parish. I sincerely appreciate the assistance you provide for SPA at this difficult SIP time for all of us. It feels great to know that we have great friends like you. Please remember that there are several ways to help St. Paul the Apostle financially during the coronavirus outbreak. Thank you so much. You can:

Holy Mass and Services

Watch and pray virtually with the entire SPA family

remember  - you are welcome to watch these at any time after they are posted

Saturday at 5pm

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Please pray for all our priests

- they are missing the pews being full!

'Together We're Better'

help SPA and local community

SPA is in need of unused medical masks, hand sanitizer, disposable gloves, and cleaning/disinfecting supplies. If you're interested in donating any of the above, please email us at info@saintpaultheapostle.church

Please click the St. Vincent de Paul icon for recent updates from their ministry. 

Volunteers are needed. 

Navy Blue and Red Photo Memorial Day Wis

Let's join together in bringing our parish to our homes. How? Purchase a YARD SIGN and we will deliver it to your home contact-free! In this time of anxiety and separation, let's remind one another to keep the faith, have hope for a better future and trust that we will celebrate together again soon. Click here or on image above to purchase a sign for $20 and we will deliver it to your home beginning June 5th.

Questions? Email Tammy Oberstar

at toberstar@saintpaultheapostle.church.


In the  name of our parish, Our Lady of Refuge and its 4 Missions, I wish to thank Fr.Chris, Fr. Joe and all the wonderful  parishioners of St. Paul the Apostle  for your support. We greatly appreciate it.   I boarded the plane to go back to Texas on March 2nd and since then so much has  happened to change our lives.  Covid-19 has truly impacted everyone.  Hopefully soon,  we will be able to again  have  Masses  with people present and not just live-streaming. Let’s pray for each other and may God bless you and your families  for your generosity. Padre Pablo

grocery workers, delivery drivers, mail carriers, garbage men, streets & sanitation, transportation employees, farmers, and so many others

Faith Formation & Catechesis

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Our Virtual Church

One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic.  We are the universal church; we are a community of believers.  Although we may not be able to gather together, physically receive our Lord in the Eucharist or simply enjoy the company of each other, we still have prayer to unite us to each other and our Heavenly Father.  Join us in prayer and know we are praying for you!

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Staff Reflections

Julie Jester


Kelly Krueger

 living a new type of paschal mystery.

Mary Penich

Daily Reflections

Ruth Peck

Ave Maria


Bob Birck

"How can this be?" 

Deacon Mike Penich

Homily - 3.15.2020

Fr. Bradley Zamora

 worship music

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To all Families in this Time of Pandemic
A Reflection on the COVID-19 Crisis

We are Archdiocese of Chicago

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Located in the heart of Gurnee, IL, Saint Paul the Apostle Catholic Church

serves the communities of the greater Lake County area.​

We are blessed with a dynamic, active parish, with a responsibility

to bring Christ to all who walk through our doors.

With a welcoming atmosphere and ministries for the young and old,

let us welcome you hometo our community and with Christ.​

-Fr. Chris Ciastoń

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